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The Wedding Plan

wedding plan

May 8, 2017.  Israeli writer and director Rama Burshtein’s new film, “The Wedding Plan,” opens on May 12. I saw “The Wedding Plan” as part of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

I went into “The Wedding Plan” with a lot of expectations, which sadly were not met. Burshtein’s previous film, “Fill the Void” (2012), is a real favorite of mine. In fact I use “Fill the Void” in the “Introduction to Sociology” classes that I teach at CUNY Queens College. I use it to illustrate ideas and concepts about social structure structure, social institutions and culture. Due to my teaching schedule, I see “Fill the Void” between six and seven times a year and never tire of it. Read the rest of this entry


“The Gold Rush” at New York Film Festival

The Little Tramp eats his shoe in "The Gold Rush."

On Monday October 10, the New York Film Festival showed a restored print of Charlie Chaplin’s 1925 silent feature “The Gold Rush,” with musical accompaniment provided by members of the New York Philharmonic, under the direction of conductor and composer Timothy Brock.  The event took place at Alice Tully Hall.

I had not seen “The Gold Rush” in many years and did not consider it to be one of Chaplin’s stronger films.  However, seeing the film in such a sparkling print, on a huge screen and accompanied by members of a world class orchestra made all the difference.  The magical thing about seeing a silent movie with great musical accompaniment, is that moment when image and music become one and, for a while, you forget that there are even musicians playing a score.  By the way, “silent” movies were never silent.  At best they were accompanied by an orchestra and, at the lower end, by a single pianist. Read the rest of this entry