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DOC NYC, November 2 – 10, Greenwich Village, “Girl with Black Balloons” and “Eames: the Architect and the Painter”

Bettina, the subject of "Girl with Black Balloons."

“DOC NYC,” the documentary film festival now in its second year in Greenwich Village, from November 2 – 10, is presenting several documentaries about artists working in a variety of art forms.  Two of these documentaries, “Girl with Black Balloons” and “Eames: the Architect and the Painter” focus on different kinds of artists.  One works alone and the other, actually two artists, worked as a pair.   The subject of “Girl” is known simply as Bettina, while the subject of “Eames” is the well known design couple, Charles and Ray Eames. Read the rest of this entry


“DOC NYC” November 2 – 10

Director Werner Herzog's new film "Into the Abyss" will open "DOC NYC"

From November 2 – 10, “DOC NYC,” a documentary film festival, returns to Greenwich Village for its second year.  Judging from the festival’s films, that I have been able to preview so far, this is an event not to be missed.

In my experience, when attending a film festival, the best bet is to stick with the documentaries.  While the narrative films can be uneven, the documentaries are almost always exceptional.  Therefore, an opportunity to attend a film festival made up entirely of documentaries…need I say more, especially when it is in our own backyard?  Read the rest of this entry