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“A Thousand Cuts”at Film Forum


Fred Astaire in “Me and the Ghost Upstairs” sequence which was cut from the movie “Second Chorus” (1940).

November 30, 2016.  On Sunday, November 27 Film Forum presented a program called “A Thousand Cuts,” based on the book “A Thousand Cuts: the bizarre underground world of collectors and dealers who saved the movies,” by authors Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph. The program consisted of rare film clips saved from oblivion by film collectors who found their footage in attics, closets, the trash and other out of the way places. When I use the term “film collectors” I am not simply referring to people who collect movies on DVD. “Film collectors” are a sub-culture whose members collect actual film.

The personalities featured in the featured clips included Alfred Hitchcock, Lena Horne, Ann Miller, the Marx Brothers, Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Al Jolson, Greta Garbo and others. The program was put together by co-author and collector Jeff Joseph, who presented the clips, spoke about them and took questions from the audience. Read the rest of this entry




Helen Mirren (as Hedda Hopper) and Bryan Cranston (as Dalton Trumbo) in “Trumbo.”

November 30, 2015.  I am probably going to get myself in trouble, with some readers, for writing this, but I do not have a problem with those who named names during the MacCarthy era. My problem is with the government, and the cooperating social institutions, who threatened and pressured these people (not to mention ruined lives, in many cases) into testifying against their friends and associates. The new film “Trumbo” takes a detailed look at this period, a time filled with colorful characters, both on the right and wrong sides of history. “Trumbo” has a stellar cast, headed by Bryan Cranston as the larger than life blacklisted screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo.

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