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Danny Says

unknown-3September 28, 2016. ”Danny Says” is an incredible document and an important chronicle of pop culture. The documentary is an entertaining and meticulously made rock and roll biography about rock manager and entrepeneur Danny Fields.

Beginning in 1966, Fields played a crucial role in music, managing groups such as MC5, the Ramones and the Stooges. Fields worked with and for Nico, Judy Collins, Iggy Pop, Jann Wenner, Lou Reed, the Doors, Velvet Underground, Nico, Modern Lovers and many others. In addition, Fields was also director of publicity at Elektra Records as well as having been a pioneer of the punk rock movement. Director Brendan Toller perhaps sums it up best when he says that, “Fields created a platform for the outsider to exist in the mainstream.” Read the rest of this entry


Siddharth (Director Richie Mehta and Lead Actress Tannishtha Chatterjee to appear following 7:40 show at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas on Fri. 6/27/14)

Rajesh Tailang as Mahendra Saini in "Siddharth"

Rajesh Tailang as Mahendra Saini in “Siddharth”

From India, “Siddharth,” a film by writer and director Richie Mehta, is a harrowing, thoughtful movie.  It has been beautifully made, with a fine cast.  The film has a narrative that is direct, simple, even suspenseful, yet, at the same time, brings out the complexities facing a poverty stricken family living in modern day India.  Read the rest of this entry