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Tribeca Film Festival 2011: Wrap Up

The Tribeca Film Festival for 2011 concluded on Sunday, May 1.  While I could try to sum this year’s festival by comparing it to past Tribeca Film Festivals, or to film festivals in other cities, I’ll simply say that this year’s festival was provocative, enjoyable and very well run.  Believe me, I tried to see all of it.  At last count I had screened about 17 of the 95 feature films selected for this year’s festival, not to mention the panel discussions I attended (Fortunately there is still much that I can catch on line).

Having filmmakers come to New York from across the country, and around the world, to share their stories, was dramatic, touching and very educational.  Every filmmaker who I saw introduce their film said how thrilled they were to be there.  Directors, producers, cast and crew members and documentary subjects all showed up to introduce their films and, after the screenings, talk about their films and take questions from the audiences.  Read the rest of this entry


Tribeca Film Festival 2011: “Give Up Tomorrow”

Paco Larranaga, the subject of "Give Up Tomorrow."

In my experience the best parts of any film festival are the documentaries.  Since film festivals are all about untested commodities, it is hard to know what to see.  The narratives generally tend to be uneven.  Some will be good (a few even great), some will be only “OK” and some will make you wonder how they ever got into the festival.  I submit that if a festival-goer sees, for example,  ten documentaries, he, or she, will see a much higher percentage of good films than if they had selected ten narratives.

At the Tribeca Film Festival 2011 I chose to see mostly documentaries.  There was one “not so good” one, which shall remain nameless.  The rest were between “very good” and “great.”  The best documentary I saw at the festival turned out to also win the festival’s “Heinekin Audience Award,” “Give Up Tonorrow.”  The film is a harrowing and infuriating tale of corruption, incompetence and injustice on an incredible scale. Read the rest of this entry

Tribeca Film Festival 2011: “Grave Encounters”

A reality TV producer gets more than he counted on in "Grave Encounters."

I went into “Grave Encounters” thinking I was way ahead of it, much like the characters in the film itself.  I will admit that the movie hit me with some things that I did not see coming.  It is always nice when a film can do that.

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Tribeca Film Festival 2011: “Love Hate Love”

Sean Penn (right), producer of "Love Hate Love," with Tribeca Film Festival founder Robert De Niro.

It is impossible not to be moved, by the documentary “Love Hate Love.” The film profiles three subjects who have experienced unimaginable tragedies and have responded by giving to others. Read the rest of this entry

Tribeca Film Festival 2011: What I Have Seen So Far

Every year there is talk about the personality of the Tribeca Film Festival.  Questions arise as to whether the festival has found its true voice.  Is it consistent?  Is it about independent films or has it been “kowtowing” to big studio releases?  At this point I have no idea.  Like the proverbial kid in a candy store, I have been too busy racing from one screening, and/or panel discussion, to another, to even begin postulating a thesis. Call me naïve, but my interest is in the movies themselves, and not the over all picture that they paint.  Here is what I have seen so far, as of press time, and what I think. Read the rest of this entry

2011 Tribeca Film Festival

The 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival, for 2011, will run from April 20 – May 1.  Festival co-founder Jane Rosethal said, “It’s about community-the community of downtown and the community of New York.  It’s about the community of filmmakers and audiences, and bringing audiences some new voices and diverse filmmaking.”  Read the rest of this entry